5 unique cafes in Tokyo

posted on 6/17/2018

Thinking of Tokyo some unique cafes might cross your mind but you’re not quite sure if they are worth the price. You might have read my general Tokyo post and now you want my review of the unique cafes? Well, here’s my review to all the cafes and restaurants I’ve visited.

We have visited Tokyo in May 2018 and visited the following cafes: Alcatraz E.R, Owl Nest Cafe, Moomin Bakery & Cafe, Robot Restaurant and MaiDreamin Maid Cafe

1. Alcatraz E.R

Located near the Shibuya Crossing it is easy to get there. We didn’t need a reservation but I would recommend to make a reservation, if you really want to have that experience. You’re sitting in small jail cell on the floor. Also you have to take your shoes off. Your waitress, dressed as a nurse, will bring your pills (some rice crackers). The food and drinks are nothing for a weak stomach.


You can get all kind of drinks. Most of them have alcohol. Please note: the legal drinking age in Japan is 20. The drinks are one-of-a-kind. You can get a drink in a baby bottle, in test tubes, in blood transfusion or even in a head. Some of them have a vibrator or dildo in it. In one drink they’ll cut a filled condom open and press it into your drink. The drinks are pretty small but the taste is great. Some drinks even come with a slap in the face.


So we didn’t eat anything but the food I saw looked tasty. Just like the drinks: You need a strong stomach. You can get a roast-beef pussy, boobs fried rice, a red omelette shaped like a liver or brain. As dessert you can get an ominous jelly placed on a pad.

If you want to experience it but don’t want that kind of food, don’t worry: They also have normal food.

Update: Unfortunately it has closed on 31st May 2018

2. Owl Nest Cafe

We accidentally ran into this cafe and it was the best unique experience we had. They offer 8 owls and 4 hedgehoges. 1 hours with a drink costs 1000 Yen. You have the option to feed them, which costs an extra 500 Yen. Every Owl has its own profile. It’ll tell you their name, age and whether you can feed and pet them or take them on your arm/shoulder.  The staff was super kind. There are some cheaper Owl Cafes, but for me it is important that the Owls and hedgehoges are getting treated well and I think they really getting treated well here. The Owls have days off and time to rest in another room. If they’re done for the day you may can pet them but can’t take them on your arm any longer. If you want to experience some well-treated Owls and Hedgehogs you will be totally fine.

3. Moomin Bakery & Cafe

This one was cute. The Cafe was themed and in changing periods you’ll get a Moomin plush sit next to you. The food is cute designed. My rice was in form of a Moomin.


We were there for lunch which is between 11 a.m. and 4:45 p.m. You get all kind of bread for free all you can eat and your food comes with a soup. The food combo is interesting. I ordered the Moomin plate (rice, beef and demi-glaced sauce with Dutch cocoa, pasta, salad, vegetables and scrambled egg) and I have to be honest. I didn’t like it AT ALL. My boyfriend ordered a Quiche toast & pasta plate. As he discovered later there were small fishes hidden in the noodles which was the worst for my fish hating boyfriend.


On weekdays you’ll get a free drink coming with your food. You can choose between  Coffee, black tea, orange juice, grapefruit juice, apple juice and milk. On weekends and national holidays you can get the same for extra 200Yen plus tax. As dessert we ordered a cute marshmallow drink. It wasn’t outstanding but as I said it was super cute.

4. Robot Restaurant

Well this is exactly how I imagine being on drugs. I still don’t know what I witnessed. Based in the red-light district it used to be a sexual show but since it became a tourist attraction they made it kid-friendly and replaced any sexual parts. I think it is way to expensive with 8000Yen per person. The show takes 90 minutes divided in 3 parts. After every part (about 20 minutes) comes a break (15 Minutes). In my opinion it is not a must do. It is way to commercial and touristy. As I read you should not eat the food since plane food should be better. If you don’t know what to do with your time, want to experience something colorful and loud (kids get ear muffs) and blow your money you’ll be at the right place.

5. MaiDreaming Maid Cafe

I’ve heard a lot about Maid Cafes and I chose the MaiDreamin one because they have cute themed food. If you’re in Akihabara you won’t have any trouble finding a Maid Cafe. As you enter you’ll get to wear some cute headbands with animal ears. You have to pay 500Yen and have to place one ordner per person per hour. Besides that, they’ll charge for anything. It is not allowed to take pictures. You have to buy them even if you want to take it with your own phone. We ate an ice cream and I never ate something THAT cute. Also it was delicious.

What I’ve learned: I know themed cafes are all about tourism. The food wasn’t really good. Some of them were high priced but I don’t regret any of them. If you have the chance, find yourself a themed cafe you like and just enjoy the one-of-a-kind experience. Remember: You’re there for the experience not for the food.