A Weekend at Efteling in the Netherlands

posted on 9/6/2018

Efteling is the biggest theme park in the Netherlands. There was a great offer for tickets and we wanted to visit Efteling anyways, so we decided that it’s time to give it a try. 

If you don’t have special offer: There a 3 ticket types. The regular ticket price is 38€ but you get 2€ off if you buy them online. The parking ticket costs 10€ extra. Then there’s Ticket Extra. You get half an hour earlier access to the park, one warm beverage and a muffin, French fries or a Panini for lunch and 20% discount on a souvenir. This ticket type costs 48€. And the last type Ticket Luxe.This one is a bit pricey for 68€ but still worth the money. You get also half an hour early access, a warm beverage with apple pie, as lunch a bread roll and soft drink, for dinner a main course or pancake of your choice, parking is already included and you get 25% discount on a souvenir. 

When we only had 2km left we came into bad traffic jam. As we noticed everyone in the traffic wanted to get to the Efteling Park. We were stuck for 1 hour. When we were finally in the park it was fuller than we thought. The stand-by lines were already really long so we decided to get an overview before heading into the first attraction. 

Our first attraction was Fata Morgana. It had a short waiting time of 25 minutes, which was really long for that attraction as my Dutch friend told me. It was a dark ride, I really liked, and about a forbidden city with secrets in Turkey, I guess. 

We then got a boarding pass for Python. I didn’t see a normal stand-by line for this rollercoaster only single-rider and “entry”, where you had to scan your pass.

Right after Python we decided that it’s time to try something typical Dutch: French fries with a peanut sauce and a Frikandel. The prices at Eftling are really good. We paid 15€ for 2 menus with drinks. As dessert we ate Poffertjes, a small sort of pancake, with banana and Nutella and a really good and interesting drink. Everything was really good. I’m a big fan of Dutch food now. 

After lunch we headed right into the enchanted forest, which is huge at Efteling. I loved it. I know some enchanted forests and this is my favorite by far. They’ve prepared big scenes and someone told their story. I didn’t understand a thing since it was in Dutch but it still was beautiful. Some fairytales had houses you could enter. In there were even bigger sceneries, which reminded me of dark rides, and told the stories. 

As we finally found the exit of the enchanted forest we headed right into one of the most popular attractions in Efteling: Droomvlucht. Droomvlucht is a dark ride with fairies. Really cute themed and they work with scents which I love. 

Near the enchanted forest is an Efteling museum where they show old figurines, concepts or an old advertisement of Efteling. There’s even an interactive park map of 1961, which guides you through the park.

We then headed right into the rollercoaster in the dark Vogel Rok. The entrance is really cool. As you can see on the picture it is a gigantic bird. The rollercoaster has no loopings and is neither fast nor it is super long but it was great fun.

Next to Vogel Rok is an attraction which reminded me of the Disney’s ride It’s a small World, Carnaval Festival. You’re going through different countries on carnival with a catchy song. And right in front of Carnaval Festival is a spinning teacups ride. Unlikely to other parks it is not about teacups but about Monsieur Cannibaleand you’re sitting in his stockpot above a campfire.

As the stand-by times were slowly going down we decided to ride the more popular attractions. One of them is a dive coaster: Baron 1898. It’s about mining and ghosts. I didn’t get the story, because it’s also in Dutch. When you’re waiting in line you have to choose at some point if you rather like to sit in the first row, or in the second or third row. If you chose the second and third row you will get a ticket with your row number. 

Our next attraction was De vliegende Hollander which means as much as the flying Dutchmen. It’s a mixture of a dark ride, a rollercoaster and a water ride. The whole ride and even the waiting line is really detailed and beautiful themed. 

The last attraction for the day was their newest attraction Symbolica. This is also a dark ride right in the center of the park and is about the King who invites you in his castle. The pre-show is really cool. The butler is reading the rules to you in 4 different languages. Suddenly the park mascot, Pardoes the wizard, interrupts the butler. I don’t want to spoiler you so I’ll stop here. In front of the station you have to choose one tour: The Schattentour (Treasure tour); the Heldentour (Hero tour) or the Muziektour (Music tour). They’re not that different, only small elements changed. This ride is one of the most detailed and best dark rides I ever rode. 

When we exited Symbolica the park was already officially closed, but some restaurants were still open. We ate at Octopus, a counter service, which was really good. You could choose if you’d like a Panini or Pasta. They cooked the pasta as you ordered it, which caused long lines. As I said the prices are really good. Pasta and a drink cost 10.95€. Like the rest of the park the restaurants was very detailed and cute themed.

On our next and already last day we started off with meeting the park mascot. We then rushed to their wooden coaster Joris en de Draak. You have to choose Fire or Water and then you race against each other. They have different elements and water was faster in my opinion. The winner will be hailed as hero. We rode both and I liked water better but both were fun.

They have a haunted house there called Spookslot. I imagined it to be a dark ride. It was just scenery inside with ghosts who sang and the flowers and fences danced to the music. So this was kind of disappointing.

Afterwards we rode Villa Volda. I didn’t get the story but my dutch friend Charlotte explained me that it is about a thief and some woman who cursed his house. The attraction is a so called mad house you may know from “Fluch der Kassandra” in Europa Park. If you’ve a weak stomach you may not ride this, since the whole room rotates and you do too. 

By then it was already time for lunch again. This time I ate French fries special. The special sauce was made out of curry ketchup with mayonnaise and chopped onions. It was soooo good. My boyfriend had a noodle snack. They had some kind of vending machine for snacks which was really cool. You just throw your money into the slot next to the snack you wanted and the door would open up. 

It was pretty warm so we decided to ride their rafting Piraña. I was soaking for the rest of the day. When it was time to head back home I wanted to eat Poffertjes one last time. This time I ate it with strawberry syrup and white chocolate. I loved it! As finish we did another tour in Symbolica. 

We wanted to shop in some Dutch grocery store but they were already closed on Saturday. Charlotte told me, that some of them are open on Sundays (which is unusual in Germany. In Germany is nearly anything closed on Sunday). So we decided to shop on Sunday.

On our way home we stopped at Albert Heijn supermarket and bought some snacks and drinks. I love their supermarkets. Their food looks so fresh and they have so much stuff and it’s really cheap. We also stopped at a McDonalds and ate a McKroket, which we don’t have in Germany. It was interesting but I don’t need to eat it twice.

I would love to visit Efteling again and I recommend it to everyone. Efteling is really family friendly but has also enough for thrill seeker. The prices are fair and the staff friendly. This wasn’t my last visit.