About Me

Adventure is out there…

Hi, I’m Vivienne. My entire childhood consisted of theme parks, musicals and traveling. My boyfriend and I are together for quite some time, and we decided to experience all those things I lost my heart to, in order to now experience it all together. And I decided to take you with me.

I’m a creative person, I love to sew, to sing (although I’m not too good at it ) and to act. AND I’m adventurous: No rollercoaster is too high, no destination too far.

What I like most is to experience things I didn’t know before, or like Aladdin would sing “A Whole New World” to me.  I enjoy to support people for their vacation and give them advice or recommendations for things they didn’t even have in sight. That’s what my blog is for. It should help you to come cheaper when you travel or plan easier or even convince you to do something you weren’t too sure about.

Of course you can always contact me and ask your questions.  I try to make it as simple and easy as I can.

Have fun reading!