Annual Passes for Disneyland Paris

posted on 7/28/2018

If you’re thinking about visiting Disneyland Paris you might consider buying an annual pass. You have many benefits with an annual pass and they’re not even that expensive.

Disneyland Paris has 4 annual pass models: Discovery, Magic Flex, Magic Plus and Infinity. Unlikely to other Disney parks you get access to both parks with every annual pass. You can pay by installments but have to pay 55€ in advance


You don’t care when to go and you don’t want to go at weekends anyways? Then you should consider this one. It is the cheapest one with only 179€ or 11€/month. You have 150 days a year access to both parks and for only 40€ extra you have parking included (which is pretty cheap, since you have to pay 25€/day for parking).

Magic Flex

This model is the second cheapest but has more benefits. You get access on 300 days a year and parking is already included. A huge benefit if you’re into merchandise: 10% discount at any Disney shop. If this sounds already great for you, thats not all. You also get up to 40% discount on the Disney hotels, 20% discount on day pass tickets  and you get the Photopass+ for only 55€. The Magic Flex annual pass costs 259€ or 19€/monthImportant for families: If you’re buying at least 5 passes you’ll get 20% discount on the annual passes.

Magic Plus

Magic Plus has almost any benefits as the Infinity but costs much less, with 299€ or 22€/month. You get an access on 350 days a year, get 10% off at any restaurant at Disney, 10% at any Disney store, up to 40% discount on the Disney hotels, 10% discount for Disney golf. But that’s by far not all. Families also get 20% off on their annual passes if they buy at least 5 passes and get 10 tickets/year for only 39€. Parking is already included and you get 20% off on day pass tickets. Another benefit: You have you’re one entrance on both parks and the extra magic hours are included.


Want an annual pass which make you feel special? With this one you get any benefit from above and more. Not only is parking included, but you have your very own reserved park area in the first few rows. After parking in the first row, you’re heading to your own entrance. Want to be the first in the park? No problem. Even the extra magic hours are included. You get 15% discount in any restaurant, 20% off in any Disney store and 20 tickets/year 1 day/2 parks for only 35€. But it doesn’t come cheap. This annual passport costs 449€ or 36€/month


Discovery Magic Flex Magic Plus Infinity
Price 179€ or 11€ per month 259€ or 19€ per month 299€ or 22€ per month 449€ or 36€ per month
Access 150 days per year 300 days per year 350 days per year 365 days per year
Parking +40€
(VIP Parking)
Shops Discount 10% 10% 20%
Disney Hotels Discount up to 40% up to 40% up to 50%
Restaurant Discount 10% 15%
(including Character Breakfast)
Photopass+ 55€ 49€
Extra Magic Hours
  • Free aperitif in restaurants
  • Reserved entrance
  • Free aperitif in restaurants
  • Reserved entrance
  • VIP seating for selected shows
  • Special Events
  • Dedicated phone line

Annual Pass Calculator

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