Attraction and restaurant guide for Europa Park

posted on 6/24/2018

In this post I will give you an overview about the most important restaurants and attractions. You will get a better idea on what to expect from the park. I didn’t mention all of the country areas since they don’t have major attractions.



Voletarium: Voletarium is one of the newest attractions. Located in the german area it is right next to the entrance. It is the first and currently the only attraction where you can get a fast pass. Voletarium is a so called flying theater. You’re flying over the most beautiful places in Europe. Not only you can see the places but you can also smell them and feel the wind and water as you fly through a cloud.


Geisterschloss: Geisterschloss is a beautiful themed dark ride. You’re going through different sceneries like a ball room full of ghosts, a cemetery or an experimental laboratory. Please note: Since it has jump scares it might frighten some children.

Piccolo Mondo: This is a ride where you sit in a gondola and explore Pisa, Venice and Florence.


Eurosat CanCan Coaster: Eurosat is a rollercoaster inside of a huge dome. You’re now flying over Paris at night. Also Europa Park has some VR-Coasters. For a small fee you can ride this one with VR glasses. Please note: To ride it with VR you have to go to a special entrance.

Silver Star: This is probably the first rollercoaster you see. Being one of the highest and biggest rollercoaster Europes, it is hard to miss.


Schweizer Bobbahn: Schweizer Bobbahn is a bobsled run rollercoaster. It was the prototype of Mack Rides for this kind of attraction.

Matterhorn-Blitz: This one is a wild mouse. The waiting queue is beautful themed. You’re walking through some old family homes.


Fluch der Kassandra: If you see it from the outside you don’t know what to expect. This is a so called madhouse. It’s a swing boat, working with visual tricks. While you swing, the whole room around you turns in another direction. Nothing for weak stomachs.

Pegasus: Pegasus is a rollercoaster based on the wingy horse in the greek mythology. It isn’t super fast neither is it super high. Kids at the age of 4 and at least 100cm high can ride it.

Poseidon: If it’s a hot day you will be grateful for this one. As you might assume: It’s a water rollercoaster. If I say rollercoaster I mean rollercoaster. Just like Pegasus: Not scary at all, not the fastest not the highest but your ride will end in water and you might get soaked.


Euromir: With the cars rotating it is a pretty fast and thrilling rollercoaster. Standing in the center of Russia with all the mirrors there’s no chance you can miss it.


Fjord – Rafting: Just like the name says it’s a rafting. You have the chance to get really wet or stay completely dry. But still it is pretty fun. Please stay seated as you’re unbelted and you never know when the boat gets a sudden hit.

Vindjammer: Vindjammer is just a normal swingboat. Nothing special.


Blue Fire: This is the only launch coaster. With a looping and other upside down elements Blue Fire is one of the tougher rollercoasters.

Wodan: Wodan is a wooden coaster. This one is my favorite by far. It is super fast and has several fun elements.


Atlantica Supersplash: You will be soaking! This one is the wettest water ride. You don’t want to wait in line so long? Don’t worry: There’s also a splash zone where you’ll get wet without wait times.


Tiroler Wildwasserbahn: Another water ride. Just a standard log flume.

Alpenexpress “Enzian”: This on is the oldest rollercoaster in Europa Park and one of the VR-Coasters. Just like Eurosat: it costs a small fee and has a special entrance.

Arthur and the Invisibles

Arthur: Arthur is a beautiful themed interactive family coaster. You’re shrunk and now you help the Invisibles to save their city.



Foodloop: I’m not quite sure if I shouldn’t count it as an attraction. You order on a tablet and your food will do a looping on its way down. This is what I consider as rollercoaster restaurant. The food itself isn’t that good. It is pretty expensive.


Restaurant Spices: This one is my favorite. The food is always a cultural theme. Sometimes it’s Indian or African. It is super tasty and the price is ok.


The O’Mackays Cafe and Pub: Want nothing big or just a sandwich? That’s your place! They have really good food and also the price is ok.


Schloss Balthasar: Do you want to feel like a royal? In this castle you can get some traditional German food like a schnitzel, which is really good but pretty pricy.


Restaurant Seehaus: Located directly at a small lake you can get some traditional Austrian food.


Taverna Mykonos: This food is also really good if you like typical greek food. The price is totally fine.


Restaurant Don Quichotte: If you’re into Tapas you have to go there. But it is pricy. However, they offer an everyday lunch buffet, which is worth the money. For only 20€ (about $23.50) you der Schnitzel, Burger, a salad and soup bar and a lot more.


Walliser Stube: Want some typical swiss raclette or cheese fondue? This is the right place.