Backstage at Disney’s “Aladdin”

posted on 6/10/2019

We finally managed to watch Aladdin in Germany. If you’ve read my New York blog post you already know my review to the Aladdin Broadway Musical. 

The backstage tour started at 10:30 a.m. and I totally overslept and arrived only 2 minutes earlier. So I was already super stressed. Our tour guide “Ramona” led us right onto the stage. Everywhere on the stage are small trapdoors or mini elevators to let Genie disappear and appear. 

We then got to see the costumes and they’ve THAT many costumes they even hung some up the ceiling. But this was the most colorful wardrobe I’ve ever seen. If you’ve already seen Aladdin you know how colorful it is. I got to hold Genies pants he wears during Arabian Nights. Poor Genie, because it was super heavy and even needed suspenders. 

When we got to see the requisites I noticed the magic lamp right away. They have several models with different effects. The smallest is for Genie to fit into his pants during Arabian Nights and was made with a 3D printer. Another one can “spray” steam when Genie appears. 

In the make-up room Ramona told us, that the longest make-up has Jafar with 40 minutes and Genie. Funny story: After the musical we took a stroll and somehow ended up outside their cantina and I didn’t notice I was staring at Paolo Bianca (Jafar) and he was staring back. He was still wearing his make-up for the second show and I didn’t know what to do, so I super embarrassed waved at him and he kind of confused waved back.

When Genie sings Never had a friend like me, they shoot fireworks. Did you know that the fireworks are worth more than $223 (200€) each time? And the whole Aladdin Musical equipment (costume, requisites, stage etc.) is worth more than $3.350.000 (3.000.000€)? 

So of course there can’t be an Aladdin Musical without Genie messing around with magic. There are some moments throughout the musical where you think “how did they do this”. At least I got to know one trick. When Aladdin wishes to become a prince, some dancers are coming onstage and covering Aladdin up. One of the dancers has a backpack behind his barrier (whatever this is called what they’ve behind their back), another one has a mirror, so Aladdin can check how he looks like. However, I knew how it works and I was still mind blown when I watched it.

Our Genie was amazing. He joked with us around and was really funny, even though the audience didn’t really interact with him. As you know from my New York post, I am not a fan of the “funny” Iago and Jafar, but everyone as he likes. I loved Aladdin since I was a little girl and I adore the live action movie. The musical is good and really takes you to Agrabah, but I liked it better than on Broadway to be completely honest. The whole production here in Germany seemed so much more caring and they had a lot more dancers. I love that “Proud of your Boy” got a place in the Musical since it was deleted out of the movie. A nice musical to “a whole new world”.

Source: Scene photos by Stage Entertainment GmbH.