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Backstage at Anastasia

posted on 6/16/2019

It took us a while to find the time to finally do the backstage tour of Anastasia, the Broadway musical. However, on 2nd June we decided to finally do it.  Anastasia is based on the 1997 movie “Anastasia”. Short history lesson: the Romanov family was brutally killed back in 1918. They [...]

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Backstage at Disney’s “Aladdin”

posted on 6/10/2019

We finally managed to watch Aladdin in Germany. If you’ve read my New York blog post you already know my review to the Aladdin Broadway Musical.  The backstage tour started at 10:30 a.m. and I totally overslept and arrived only 2 minutes earlier. So I was already super stressed [...]

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Backstage at Disney’s “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”

posted on 1/6/2019

As you may know I grew up with musicals, and I still love them. We currently host “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” musical in Germany I wanted to see quite a while but I never managed to visit it. We finally made it on Saturday, 01/05/2019.  I’m familiar with [...]

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Tarzan – The Musical in Oberhausen

posted on 3/30/2018

So we got invited to watch the musical Tarzan. As you may know I'm a huge Disney fan and I've grown up with visiting a lot of musicals. I'm just so into the music (also film music) and the stage setting and acting. Like I said, I got the invitation [...]

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