Restaurant guide Disneyland Resort Paris

posted on 6/28/2018

You’re ready to start your trip but don’t know where to eat? I’ll guide you through the different restaurants at Disneyland Park, Walt Disney Studios Park and Disney Village and attach the menus.

Disney Village

Annette’s Diner

An old American styled burger restaurant. It is one of the few restaurants you can’t book in advance. The Burgers are really good and they have a huge range of burgers. In the morning they offer a breakfast menu.
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The Grange

This one is my favorite. It’s a Tex-Mex buffet. You can get some ham, gravy, spare ribs, fish or corn and for the kids chicken nuggets or pasta.
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Café Mickey

Being one of the most popular restaurants you really need a reservation. It’s an Italian restaurant and the dinner includes Disney character. The food isn’t outstanding.
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Earl of Sandwich

I love to have breakfast here. They have all kinds of sandwiches and salads.

Five Guys

If it has to be fast and you want some Burgers. This one is as fast as McDonald’s but is more tasty. You choose what you want on your burgers and they’ll prepare it right in front of your eyes. Not quite as cheap as McDonalds but I still recommend it.

King Ludwig’s Castle

This one offers traditional or interpreted german food. Never had a pretzel burger with sauerkraut and sausage? Now you will. Otherwise you can just go for a traditional schnitzel.


If you don’t want anything offered or just want it to be cheap and fast you will be happy at McDonald’s. But don’t expect it to be as cheap as everywhere. On crowded days, there will be long lines.

New York Style Sandwich

Another really good and cheap shop. Beside sandwiches, it also offers fish, pasta, pizza and hot dogs.
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Planet Hollywood

This one is an allrounder. It offers pizza, burger, pasta, sandwiches and steaks but it is quite pricey.

Rainforest Cafe

Have you ever had some food amid the jungle? No? Well, now you have. While you’re listening to jungle sounds and thunder storms with animals going crazy you’re having burger, pasta, steaks or fish. However, it does come with a price and, since you can’t book it in advance, long lines.


Well, this isn’t exactly a restaurant, but still. You can grab a coffee, pastry or some desserts.


If you want something you probably know from home: Vapiano. They offer really good pasta, pizza and salads.

Disneyland Park

Captain Jack’s – Restaurant des Pirates

This one is my favorite at Disneyland Paris. Located in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, it is beautiful themed and you can see the ride boats passing by. The food is really good. If you don’t like seafood this may not be your favorite.
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Lucky Nugget Saloon

Want to be entertained while eating? Then you have to eat here. There’s a show with puppets every half a hour. Sometimes even Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and friends or Jessie and Woody.
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Plaza Gardens Restaurant

Being a character breakfast in the morning and an ominous buffet in the evening, it is one of the most popular restaurants in the park. They offer a huge range of all kind of food and varieties. You can either book in advance or wait in long lines in front of it.
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Restaurant Agrabah Café

Ever wished to dine in Agrabah? This one offers oriental food in form of a buffet. In my opinion it is the best themed restaurant in the whole park.
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Silver Spur Steakhouse

As the name says it’s a steakhouse. You can get any kind of steaks order some seafood or just have a veggie burger.
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Walt’s – an American restaurant

Based on Walt Disney’s favorite food combined with some French influences the food is quite interesting. If you’re lucky you’re sitting next to a window with a beautiful view upon the Main Street. As you can guess: It is really pricy.
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Walt Disney Studios Park

Bistrot Chez Rémy

This one is located at the French part of the park, which is based on the movie Ratatouille. As you can guess: Rémy is the chef and you’re shrunk to the size of a rat. This is the most beautiful themed restaurant in the whole park by far. The food is really good and I don’t want to miss it in any of my Disneyland Paris visits. Since it’s really popular you need a reservation.
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Café des Cascadeurs:

With only 3 types of burgers, it hasn’t a huge range of food but it is perfect for budget.
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Restaurant des Stars

It is similar to Plaza Gardens. You pay 32,99€ and get one drink and access to the buffet. Note: it has 2 soft ice machines 😉
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