What you need to know for your trip to Disneyland Paris

posted on 6/27/2018

Are you planning on visiting Disneyland Paris and need some genereal information? Well, here they are.



Before your visit you sure need a place to stay. If you’re thinking about staying at an official Disney hotel let me tell you about the benefits. There are 8 official Disney hotels and 8 partner hotels. 4 of them are in walking distance. The other ones have a free shuttle. If you’re booking on the official website, the park tickets are inclusive. A huge benefit for the Disney hotel guests is: You can get up to 2 hours earlier into the park, called “Extra Magic Hours”.

By car

Want to travel by car? Don’t forget: France has toll. And keep the 30€ parking fee at Disneyland Paris ready. Please note: If you’re staying at an official Disney hotel, parking is free.

By plane

You can book an extra airport shuttle.

Best price

You decided to stay at a Disney hotel? Well, compare the different language sites. Even if you’re not speaking the language, use a translater. I saved nearly 200€ just because I booked on the french site instead of the german one.

Book your dinner

You can book your dinner 2 months in advance through the reservation hotline +33 1 60 30 40 50. Please note: Since it’s a french number international call rate applies. If you don’t want to call, you can just book your dinner at Guest Relations or at the restaurant itself.

Download the app

If you want to see all the wait times, shows, restaurant and want to get directions you will love the Disneyland Paris app. It will help you a lot. Please note: The park hasn’t everywhere WIFI. You need a valid internet connection to use the app.

One day isn’t enough

We went there for the first time 2 days. It was horrible. Since we had to rush to see everything our feet ached so bad and still we didn’t get to see everything. Plan enough time.



Depending on when you arrive: Check-in. We did the mistake and just picked up our tickets without checking in. After a long, exciting day at Disney, you really just want to go to bed. But we stood nearly 1 hour in line.

Be early

Nearly all visitors arrive at the same time, causing long lines in front of the parking lot gate, on the parking lot itself, in front of the safety control and entrance. Be early to ensure you don’t miss the Extra Magic Hours.

Buy a PhotoPass

Disneyland Paris has the same as Walt Disney World. Our “Memory Maker” is called PhotoPass. You pay 69,99€ (effective July 2018) and get all the photos taken digital. No matter if you’re taking pictures with some character or just want the ride photos. All you need to do is to download the official PhotoPass app and scan the QR code underneath your attraction picture or just hand your PhotoPass to the PhotoPass photographer.

Get a FastPass

Our Fast Passes are still paper. You have no chance to get your Fast Passes in advance. If you don’t want to wait in long lines, you should get yourself one. You can find all the Fast Pass attractions and how to use them best in another post.

Be a single rider

To safe time on crowded days use the single rider line. You will be much faster.

Use Baby switch

If you’re visiting with young children who are unable to ride an attraction due to restrictions, you can use ‘”Baby switch”. This allows one parent to ride the attraction while the other one watches the child. After the other parent is done, the other part watches the child and you can ride with no wait time. Please note: You have to tell a Cast Member at the entrance of the attraction that you want to use Baby switch.

Rent a buggy

You’ll be a long time on your feet. Escpecially for children is this exhausting. If you don’t want to leave your own buggy in front of the attractions, rent one. It costs 20€/day and 75€ deposit. Please note: You can also rent a wheelchair if required. If you’ve an annual pass, it is free. You only have to pay the deposit.

Take the menus

In France it is most likely to take whole sets. They are most of the time way cheaper. You usually get an appetizer, main course and a dessert, excluding drinks. In some of them you have to choose whether you want an appetizer or a dessert.

Get free water

Do you want water when you’re having a meal? Well, don’t order water, order a “carafe d’eau”. This just means a jug of water. However, this is everywhere in France free and is totally common.

Have a magical day

Don’t let anything stop you from having the most magical day. But please consider other people.