Disneyland Resort Paris on budget

posted on 8/2/2018

Everyone knows that Disney and especially their theme parks aren’t cheap. But you’re on budget and really want to experience the Disney magic? I sure understand you and will give you tips how to get away without spending that much money.

Special offers.

Sometimes external vacation provider has special offers. But be careful. They sometimes aren’t as cheap as they seem.


If you live near check out if there are any bus tours. They are probably the cheapest, since France has toll and it can get pretty expensive. We pay an extra 70€ just for toll.


This is something I would recommend anyone who doesn’t need the benefits of an official Disney Hotel. Don’t stay there. Sure they are beautiful themed and the benefits are useful, but there are so many cheaper options to stay. If you’re going by car, you can pick one which doesn’t have a shuttle and isn’t that close. If you don’t, just compare hotels. Many offer a shuttle even though they’re not official- or partner hotel.

Consider buying an annual pass

If you’re staying more than 1 day you should consider buying an annual pass. Which sounds expensive could be cheaper than buying tickets the normal way, since you get discounts on a lot of stuff. If you want to check what’s the cheapest for you, just check my calculator in my annual pass blog post here.


When you’re only going for one day, check for the right time. Disneyland Paris offers 3 different One-Day tickets. They are only valid on special days. If you purchase Ticket Mini you will probably have an empty park and short wait times.

Ticket MiniTicket MagicTicket Super Magic
Erwachsene (1 Park)
Erwachsene (2 Parks)73€89€99€
Kind (1 Park)48€63€72€
Kind (2 Parks)68€83€92€


Eat outside of Disney. Yes, it is easy to it on property, but it is expensive. You sure can get a burger menu for 15€ but it can get cheaper. Near Disneyland Paris is a shopping center. The Val d’Europe. There are many options to get food. No matter if you just pick something up out of the grocery store or eat in some of the restaurants around.

If you want to eat lunch, take you own food with you. It is allowed and they even have places for picnic.


Take your own water bottle with you. Everywhere in Disneyland are drinking fountains on which you can refill your bottled water.

Also if you’re eating at a table service (no matter if inside the park or elsewhere in France) and want some water, don’t order it. Order a carafe d’eau. It’s carafe of water and it doesn’t cost a thing.


Disneyland has some beautiful figurines from almost any Disney movies and it sure is hard to resist. If you compare online you will find them way cheaper. I usually buy my figurines at Amazon. Please note: Amazon doesn’t have all the figurines way cheaper. Check it before you leave the park with the intention to buy them online and they’re more expensive or not available.