One Day at Phantasialand

posted on 8/14/2018

We challenged ourselves and wanted to find out if it’s possible to do everything we want in only 1 day at Phantasialand near Cologne, Germany.

The most theme parks are packed, especially on weekends and during holidays. I decided to give Phantasialand a try on a usually full weekend and holiday day.

We didn’t make it to park opening but shortly after. I knew that it’ll be a hot day, so we headed right into the water attractions before the waiting times are too long. One of their water attractions is Chiapas.  With a 53° drop it is the steepest descent in a log flume, also you’re usually getting super wet. One of their newest rollercoasters, Taron, had already a waiting time of 90 minutes so we went to an underrated rollercoaster instead. This one is the longest indoor rollercoaster ever built and it’s the only rollercoaster I know where you can just stay seated and ride it another time. It’s called Temple of the Night Hawk and one reason for its underrating is, that the entrance and the whole attraction is hidden. We rode it 3 times staying seated before I felt sick.

Right next to the entrance of Temple of the Night Hawk is another underrated ride. It isn’t the newest neither has it the latest technology, but I really like it. It’s a small movie themed ride and perfect to just lean back and enjoy. But watch out for King Kong or a huge Tarantula.

One area they have is Fantasy. And in there is an indoor area with a rollercoaster (two rollercoasters, to be exact). You wait in the same line and somewhere near the station you choose if you want to ride Winja’s Fear or Force. They have different routings and elements. We like Fear better, which is usually the more crowded one.

Phantasialand’s mascots are dragons. Each area has its own dragon. You can meet each of them in their area, but if it’s really hot like it was when we visited, you better look for them in the shadows, because no one wants to stand fully dressed up in the heat.

We then headed right into China to drive their haunted house. Because it’s in China it’s not a haunted house but a ghost rickshaw, going through old China. This one has also no wait times. Right in front of it is a slush shop with some exotic flavors. But you need to be careful. There are many bees and wasps and some even crawl into the machine.

Next to China is the Mystery theme area with its water attraction River Quest and the free fall tower Mystic Castle. We didn’t ride River Quest, because I’d rather skip a ride instead of waiting more than two hour, but we did ride Mystic Castle. This might be one of my favorite free fall attractions. There’s a curse on the castle and you have been chosen to get rid of it. We waited 10 minutes but the line equals a sauna.  

Just like every theme park, Phantasialand has some shows. We visited Ice College 2018, which was… interesting. Their stunts were cool and the dresses beautiful, but the story was weird. Since it was an ice show it was super cool in there and I didn’t want to leave.

After the show the waiting times decreased and the restaurants filled. Taron had only 40 minutes waiting times so we waited. Taron is the first rollercoaster with 2 launches and it’s more extreme than it looks.

Right after we were done, we headed to Africa and rode Black Mamba, an inverted coaster. This rollercoaster also has short waiting times.

Finally, we wanted to visit the crazy hotel Tartüff. It’s near the Berliner entrance right next to Maus au chocolat. You go there as a group and explore the hotel. Sometimes the whole room is shifted, the toilet affixed on the ceiling or the pictures talk to you. I think it’s always great fun.

We usually visit the park 2 days in a row because we don’t live that near. It’s about a 3 hour drive. But one day was completely enough. We accomplished anything we wanted (multiple times) and went home pretty early (about 5:00 p.m.). If you’ve the right strategy you’ll be fine with one day but if you want to make sure you have enough time and no pressure, I’ll always recommend two days.