Planning your visit to Europa Park

posted on 6/26/2018

You sure heard of Germany’s biggest themepark Europapark. You might even plan to visit it. I will now give you tips how to plan the perfect day at Europapark.

Try to avoid german and french holidays. Just like every theme park during the holidays  Europa park will be packed. Due to its close location to the french boarder you have to keep an eye on their holidays too to avoid crowds.

Go on weekdays. Well, that tip might matter to every theme park. You might have heard it a thousand times. But: Avoid Wednesdays. It is usually packed as Saturdays but instead Sundays are one of the less crowded days.

Avoid going on a long weekend. Most Germans will take a day off between a holiday and weekend to spend their time with their family.

Know the park. It can help to study the map of the park in advance to get along.

Get your park ticket in advance. People are waiting in long lines to get their tickets on site. Buy it online. You will get a scan-code to enter the park without waiting.

Buy multiday tickets. Since Europapark hasn’t a thing like Fast Passes (except for one attraction) you have to wait the full time. If you want to see everything without rushing you need two days.

Download the offical Europapark app. The app is very helpful to get to know the park and its attraction better. You can also get your ticket on the app and see the current wait times. Please note: To see the current wait times you have to be in the park and need an internet connection.

Stay at an offical Europapark hotel to get an extra 30 minutes. If you’re staying at an official Europapark hotel you have not only an extra entrance but you can enter the park 30 to 60 minutes earlier.

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