Tarzan – The Musical in Oberhausen

posted on 3/30/2018

So we got invited to watch the musical Tarzan. As you may know I’m a huge Disney fan and I’ve grown up with visiting a lot of musicals. I’m just so into the music (also film music) and the stage setting and acting. Like I said, I got the invitation and we went there in Oberhausen, Germany.

As we walked into the stage area the stage setting took our breath. They cut some jungle sounds in and the atmosphere was just right. The show started with a massive thunder. The ship keel over and Tarzans parents are stranded. Then a leopard kills the kid of Kala and Kerchak and the parents of Tarzan. Kala found Tarzan hidden in a basket. The implementing of these sceneries were just incredible.

The songs are super catchy and make you feel good. What they create is just insane. The stage setting is so simple but it never gets boring. To convey the feeling you’re amid the jungle there were no “stage ending”. The actors flew above your head, walked right next to you or in front of you to explore some new kind of insect which flew over the audience. The actors were the perfect cast. They looked exactly like the ones in the movie. I loved their acting and singing, the voices were just beautiful.

What I didn’t like: Tarzan was the same actor as in the broadway musical. Since I’m in Germany the musical is in german. It was hard to understand what he’s saying but he has my respect for even learning a foreign language and perform with it.

I’d love to watch it a second time and I can recommend everyone, even though if you don’t like Tarzan, to give it a chance. Thank you, Stage Entertainment, for inviting us to Tarzan – The Broadway Musical.

Source: Scene photo by Stage Entertainment GmbH.