How the get the best out of your Europa Park visit

posted on 6/26/2018

When you’re done planning and waiting the final day has come: Your visit. You’re probably excited and want to experience everything as soon as you see it. But that’s one mistake you make.

1. Arrive early

If you’re not staying at an official Europapark hotel, or not even staying at a hotel at all, arrive early. Not only will you get to park really close to the entrance, but you will be first in the park.

2. Do not take any weapons with you

Europapark has strict rules when it comes to what to take with you in the park. In front of the entrance they check your bags. If you don’t want to waist your time and throw your stuff away, just leave it at home.

3. Get your fastpass

Next to the entrance is one of the newest attractions. The Voletarium. If you’re interested, I have another post about the attractions. It’s the first attraction to get a fast pass. Currently there are no more free fast passes in the park.

4. Wait for the best time

If you’re a thrillseeker you will be full of excitement and probably will rush into the first rollercoaster you see. That’s exactly what everyone does. Pass by and walk straight to Bluefire. If it’s a hot day ride the water rides first. Everyone will rush there with the midday heat. Don’t worry: You won’t miss Silver Star since the wait times are the shortest in afternoon.