What’s in my bag (theme park edition)

posted on 6/26/2018

You might wonder what to pack if you’re going to a theme park. In this post I will show you what we pack when we’re heading to a theme park.

First of all, we have an anti theft backpack. The zipper is hidden, it is anti cut, you have some fast access pockets, it is light and waterproof.

What’s in my bag?


If you get wet, whether it’s on purpose (water ride) or not (rain) you have always the chance to dry yourself without paying for it.


I usually wear some good, sturdy shoes, since you walk so much, but I really don’t want them to get wet. So I take a pair of flip flops with me to wear.

Bottle of water

Because I don’t want to buy overpriced beverages I take my own bottle of water with me. Please note: Germany usually doesn’t have drinking fountains.


When I’m at a theme park, especially the first time, I will take a lot of photos. To make sure my phone never dies, I have my powerbank with me.


Since we’re travelling a lot we want to share our memories by doing travel videos. And how can I get a better quality with a sturdy camera?

Rain Cape

I don’t want to miss water riders because of cold or bad weather. What could be better than a rain cape?


My skin is very pale and I don’t get brown but red. So I’m taking especially good care of my skin to protect it from the sun.


Because is there something more annoying than the sun burning your eyes?